Welcome to the Official Blog of Platt College

Hello-&-welcome-[Converted]Connecting and sharing relevant content through the written word is important and a step forward for Platt College and its followers.

The official blog of Platt College will give an additional voice to our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and employers, all of whom are professionals in the allied health, culinary, massage therapy, and nursing sectors that continue to ignite growth, spur development and create progress across the state of Oklahoma and this great nation.

The Platt College blog is designed to help you the reader to be entertained, learn something new, reach a goal, or solve a problem. It provides our perspectives on interesting and relevant content from related businesses, industries, professions, and current events. Creative and timely content will focus on conversations about education, development, employment, and career advancement.

We trust you will enjoy the experience and we thank you for joining us on this new journey for Platt College!

Michael J. Zawisky, President & CEO – Ancora Education

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Official Blog of Platt College

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